Project Description

Quickly check what objects within a Sharepoint site hierarchy a user has access to.

The Access Checker Web Part is a Windows Sharepoint Services Web Part, for use within Windows Sharepoint Services v3 and Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007, that displays a tree view showing permissions on objects for a user scoped to a Site hierarchy. It also has a second mode which will show the permission inheritance of objects within a Site hierarchy.

More specifically, The nodes within the tree are colour coded. If the user's permissions on the content match or exceed the level of access specified, the node is coloured green, red otherwise. Enabling a Site Administrator to determine what access a user has and to which content within a Site.


Frequently I would receive emails from site administrators fed up with managing permissions for users. A common scenario would be that a user needed to be able to read all content within a site. For a site admin to be certain of this, they would need to visit each list and library permissions page and check that a) the list was inheriting permissions or b) the list has unique permissions and the user needs to be added directly. (Not to mention folder and list item permissions, but that's outside the scope of what this web part addresses!)

Expand this problem out to groups of sites and it gets really scary...

This Web Part hopes to solve this management issue for site administrators. The web part will confirm what permissions a user has to each list and site at a certain level in a Sharepoint hierarchy. It can also show the permission inheritance hierarchy for a better understanding of how permissions are setup.

I would like to get some feedback on its usefulness and if you have any suggestions on improving this web part i would like to hear about them.

Additional Features

- View Permission Inheritance on Sites and Lists. Useful for site administrators to understand how permissions are configured on their sites.
- Sharepoint Feature included in the Solution that adds two links to the Site Settings Page.

Check User Access - Page with embedded Access Checker, configured for User Access Mode
View Permission Inheritance - Page with embedded Access Checker, configured for Permissions Inheritance mode.


- List Items are not displayed.
- Does not currently work with Forms Based Authentication.

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