hi dear korosh
we have 6 access point in our network
but i ave problem when i use another omni antena for my client in my netwok
i have problem whit other clients
becuse when i use ampeli for my onmi antena for client other access point loss
the internet connection on the direction server in isp
and they connect to clinent
i would like to know how can i fix this problem on my network
we use micronet ap sp 912 for server whit compax ampli whit omni antena and our clinet have direction antena when i use another omni antena whit ampli we have this problem and when i use omni antena whitout ampli i can see my ap in isp but in client side i can not see my server ap in it
if i want to use omni antena in my client side what can i do for it
what i must do now
by the way ourall ap configuration is
IEEE802.11 radio mode is inter-building whit reapiting pxp
chanal 2 2417 MHz and TX rate is fully auto
tanks for your help
love you Korosh see you

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