Project Description
Enhanced Rich Text for SharePoint Extended: Embed Flash videos, Iframes, etc. in SharePoint Rich Text Field. Easy to setup, no Server-Side code.
Project's official pages here
The problem of SharePoint's Rich text field is that it filters out a lot of the embedded code. This simple-to-install JavaScript adds a workaround for inserting embeddable content (flash, iframes, etc.) into SharePoint's Rich Text Field. Also you get an additional button in the toolbar for easy inserting of this content.
6.5.2009 - New release + translators
The new version (1.2) is released. If you've downloaded any previous release, just download the new one and replace the .js file in your site collection.
Translators are still desired. It's simpel and fast. See how here


Additional button for embedding while editing content

Deployment is simple.

Update: You can see how to simply deploy (even if you don't have the SharePoint Designer) in a video here
Download the current release
Unzip it
Upload the two files (.js and .gif) to the root masterpage library (http://yourSharePointSite/_catalogs/masterpage)
Edit the masterpage in the (sub)site and add just below the </body> the following <script type="text/javascript" src="/_catalogs/masterpage/erte.js"></script>

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