CATEGORY: VoIP - IP Telephony
TITLE: Future Proof your Network
DESCRIPTION: Free MCI VoIP guide - Future-proof your networkAre
you looking to reduce the cost of your network? Or gain access
to productivity-enhancing solutions? With MCI, your problem's
solved.MCI Advantage is SIP-based and fully managed to give you
the scalability and versatility you need. Download our free
guide and discover how MCI can shape your network for the

CATEGORY: Anti-Hacking
TITLE: Single Sign-on. Putting an End to the Password Management
DESCRIPTION: Single Sign on - Poor password management leaves
the end user and the business open to attack! - but this only
one of the many issues, click here to download the white paper
that explores all the related challenges facing the business,
the benefits of a single sign on and the comprehensive range of
rsa solutions.

CATEGORY: Spam and E-mail Marketing
TITLE: Gartner Q&A: Email Security Requirements and Strategies
COMPANY: BlackSpider Technologies
DESCRIPTION: This Q&A with Gartner's Research VP, Analyst
Arabella Hallawell looks at the strategies for e-mail security
that organisations can adopt. It will go on to discuss the
factors that influence the total cost of ownership and the
business case when selecting a solution.

CATEGORY: Infrastructure Management
TITLE: Top Five Challenges For Enterprise IT Infrastructure
Managers - And How To Resolve Them
COMPANY: Compuware
DESCRIPTION: Forrester interviewed 67 Enterprise Infrastructure
Managers to better understand the challenges companies face in
running the corporate IT infrastructure. This paper discusses
these challenges and the best practices that can help resolve

CATEGORY: Customer Support Services
TITLE: Stop Random Acts of CRM: Delivering a Seamless Customer
COMPANY: RightNow Technologies
DESCRIPTION: This white paper is a resource for decision makers
across marketing, sales and service. It explores how random acts
of CRM damage the customer experience and drain companies'
pockets. To address these challenges, the paper outlines
technological and strategic best practices for eliminating
random acts of CRM and improving the customer experience.

CATEGORY: Remote Access - RA Servers
TITLE: Remote Access for Business Continuity
COMPANY: Aventail
DESCRIPTION: During a business interruption, the ability to
access information is more important than ever. In the white
paper "Remote Access for Business Continuity," Tim Clark
discusses how a remote access solution can help protect your
revenue stream.

CATEGORY: Remote Access - RA Servers
TITLE: Teleworking - The Business Environment
COMPANY: Tiscali
DESCRIPTION: Over two million people (7% of the workforce in the
UK today)currently work from home. According to industry analysts
IDC,this figure will substantially increase by nearly one million
users in the next two years.This Whitepaper takes a look at the
different types of Teleworkers, the benefits to the business
plus the ICT requirements.

CATEGORY: Call Center - Contact
TITLE: CRM for the middle market, what you should look for
DESCRIPTION: Ever thought that real Customer Relationship
Management was beyond your reach or that it couldn't fit within
your budgets?Well take another look. Sage help companies from
start-ups to household names run their businesses successfully.
When we say that no other organisation knows more about
understanding the middle market, it's no idle boast.We've
produced an easy to read, free guide entitled "How To Choose a
CRM System" download here.

TITLE: Effective Data Management - The legal and best practice
requirement for keeping data
COMPANY: Quantum
DESCRIPTION: Complying with changing regulations while
maintaining an efficient, flexible storage system is like
walking a tight rope. Quantum's 'Effective Data Management'
Discussion Paper will guide your organisation to applying best
practice models and maintaining policies with regular reviews.
So you'll never fall into the legal quagmire.

TITLE: Quality of Service over DSL (QoDSL) - The Business Impact
COMPANY: Tiscali
DESCRIPTION: QoDSL. Built on a backdrop of convergence, the
increase in remote working and the squeeze of ICT budgets, comes
this unique proposition. This Whitepaper explores the key
business drivers behind Quality of Service over DSL (QoDSL).

CATEGORY: Customer Support Services
TITLE: Vital Marketing: Ten Core Tactics to Improve Marketing
Campaign Effectiveness and Efficiency
COMPANY: RightNow Technologies
DESCRIPTION: This paper provides an overview of how to
efficiently and effectively deploy vital marketing tactics such
as building customer profiles, optimizing landing pages,
segmenting lists, testing, personalization and coordinating
campaigns across your organization, allowing your organization
to focus on driving results versus deploying and optimizing an
IT-centric marketing solution. Additionally, this paper provides
insight into the benefits of employing vital marketing tactics,
compared with marketers that do not utilize these basic building

CATEGORY: Disaster Recovery
TITLE: Symantec LiveState Recovery (Rapid and reliable system
and data recovery)
COMPANY: Symantec
DESCRIPTION: Symantec LiveState Recovery: backup and disaster
recovery software, for servers and workstation systems. Allows
system administrators to quickly perform non-intrusive,
real-time backups and rapid disaster recovery; be they a full
system restoration, a complete bare metal recovery or restoring
individual files and folders, all in minutes.