Administering Active Directory from a workstation

In our Active Directory domain, we'd like to manage users and groups from a workstation rather than from the server. How can I get the Active Directory Users and Computers application into my XP workstation Administrative Tools menu? The Active Directory management tools for Windows 2000 or 2003 can be installed on your XP workstation from the AdminPak.MSI installer package on your server operating system installation disk, or you can download the Windows 2003 Service Pack 1 version called Administration Tools Pack from Microsoft. The original release version of AdminPak.exe is also available from Microsoft.
Make sure you use the version that matches your server operating system level, as mixing the original and Service Pack 1 versions can cause problems.
Once you install the administration tools package, you will see several new Active Directory entries in your Administrative Tools menu under Control Panel on the XP workstation. The Active Directory Users and Computers applications provide a tree view of the domain organizational units, and provide commands for managing users, computers and groups.

If you are logged on to the domain with sufficient privileges, you can add, modify or delete resources without being prompted for credentials on every command. If you are logged on to the local machine, you will be asked for your domain username and password before being allowed to make resource changes.

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