Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Admin Video Training

Author: Mark Long
Training Duration: 7 Hours
Number of Movies: 92

Brief overview : SQL Server 2005 is Microsoft's latest release of their enterprise database solution product. SQL Server 2005 is the result of five years of research, development and collection of suggestions and wish lists from database administrators and developers. Microsoft continues to drive the enterprise database market with the added features and capabilities of this new product. Microsoft Certified Database Administrator and Certified Trainer Mark Long covers the basics of SQL Server 2005 administration in this course.

Tutorials included on this Training CD :

SQL Server Overview
SQL Server History
Course Objeectives
Transact SQL
Course Overview
SQL Server Mystique

Installing SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2005 Editions
Preparing To Install SQL Server 2005
Hardware Requirements
Working With Previous Versions
SQL Server 2005 Installation
Installing SQL Server 2005 Pt.1
Installing SQL Server 2005 Pt.2
Changing & Deleting SQL Server
Default & Named Instances
Getting Assistance

Administrative Tools
Management Studio Overview
Registering Servers
Object Explorer
Executing TSQL Queries
Management Studio Solutions
Server Configuration Manager
SQLCMD Variables
Dedicated Administrator Connection

SQL Server Security
Securing SQL Server 2005
Authentication Modes Pt.1
Authentication Modes Pt.2
Managing Logins
Managing Users
Managing Schemas
Managing Permissions
Managing Server Permissions
Managing Database Permissions
TSQL Permissions

System Databases
System Databases
System Database Concerns
Sample Database

Creating A Database Pt.1
Creating A Database Pt.2
Database Properties & Options
Generating Scripts
Shrinking Database Files
Creating Tables Pt.1
Creating Tables Pt.2
Datatypes Pt.1
Datatypes Pt.2
Primary & Foreign Keys

Transaction Logs
How Transaction Logs Work
Transactions Explained
Explicit & Implicit Transactions
Location, Location, Location
Advantages Of Using Transactions Logs
Transaction Log Options

Data Storage
How SQL Server Stores Data
DBCC Showcontig

SQL Profiler
Using SQL Profiler Part1
Using SQL Profiler Part2

Automating SQL Server
Automation Overview
SQL Server Agent Service
Creating Operators
Creating Jobs Pt.1
Creating Jobs Pt.2
Creating Alerts
Alert Considerations

Database Backups
Backup Strategy
Database Recovery Models
Which Files and When
Performing A Backup
SQL Backup Statement
Transaction Log Backups
Backup Types

Restoring Data
SQL Server Recovery Process
Restoring A Database
The Restore Statement

High Availability
SQL Server High Availability
Standby Servers
Log Shipping
Database Mirroring

Database Maintenance
Memory Management Basics
Maintenance Plan Creation

Course Wrap-Up
Course Wrap-Up

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