Hey! well ive been lurking around for a while now and decided its time to share This is Auto Auction Bidder Stop losing auctions today! Features * Supports an unlimited number of eBay accounts (purchase price allows up to 4 users in the same household) * Use it on any computer without ever needing a registration code * Will know that your copy is registered even if you get a new computer * Supports sniping, normal bidding, buy it now, watching and browsing eBay all in one convenient interface * Smart error detection will automatically retry the snipe up to 5 times if it fails for any reason, insuring maximum reliability * Very simple to use, just click the add auction button while and auction page is displayed then enter your maximum bid * Auction details (title, time left, current bid, etc.) will be automatically retrieved from eBay * Support for multiple item listings as well as "Buy It Now" items * Stays synchronized with eBay and refreshes on specified interval, works independently from your system clock, so it bids on time even if your system clock is incorrect. * When an item is ending in less than 5 minutes, the program will refresh the details more often and ignore all items ending in more than 5 minutes to ensure all resources are available to bid on time * Built in search box to search eBay items from any page * Works as a fully functional web browser, browse the web while monitoring your auctions * Automatically signs in for you whenever eBay requests it * Can be minimized to the system tray Auto Auction Bidder

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