The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification may be the most challenging and prestigious of all networking certifications. It has received numerous awards, and certainly has built a reputation as one of the most difficult certifications to earn in all of the computing world. Having a CCIE certification opens doors professionally, typically results in higher pay, and looks great on a resume.
Cisco currently offers several CCIE certifications, with several others that are no longer offered. The following list details the currently available CCIE certifications as of the time of publication of this book; check Shortcut Redirect - Cisco Systems for the latest information. The certifications are listed in the order in which they were made available to the public:
- CCIE Routing and Switching
- CCIE Security
- CCIE Service Provider (formerly known as Communications and Services)
- CCIE Voice
- CCIE Storage Networking
Each of the CCIE certifications requires the candidate to pass both a written exam and a one-day hands-on lab exam. The written exam is intended to test your knowledge of theory, protocols, and configurations that follow good design practices. The lab exam proves that you can configure and troubleshoot actual lab gear.
Chapter 01 – Ethernet Basics
Chapter 02 – Virtual LANs and VLAN Trunking
Chapter 03 – Spanning Tree Protocol
Chapter 04 – IP Addressing
Chapter 05 – IP Services
Chapter 06 – TCP/IP Transport and Application Services
Chapter 07 – IP Forwarding (Routing)
Chapter 08 – RIP Version 2
Chapter 09 – EIGRP
Chapter 10 – OSPF
Chapter 11 – IGP Route Redistribution, Route Summarization, and Default Routing
Chapter 12 – Fundamental BGP Operations
Chapter 13 – BGP Routing Policies
Chapter 14 – Classification and Marking
Chapter 15 – Congestion Management and Avoidance
Chapter 16 – Shaping and Policing
Chapter 17 – Synchronous Serial Links and Protocols
Chapter 18 – Frame Relay
Chapter 19 – Introduction to IP Multicasting
Chapter 20 – IP Multicast Routing
Chapter 21 – Security
Chapter 22 – IEEE 802.11 Fundamentals
Chapter 23 – Wireless LAN Solutions
Chapter 24 – Miscellaneous Networking Theory and Practices
Appendix A – Answers to the �Do I Know This Already?� Quizzes
Appendix B – CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Updates: Version 1.0
Appendix C – MPLS
Appendix D – Decimal to Binary Conversion Table

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