Cisco Works Common Service 3.0.3 with Cisco View 6.1.2

CiscoWorks Common Services
CiscoWorks Common Services (Common Services) represents a common set of management services that are shared by CiscoWorks applications. CiscoWorks is a family of products based on Internet standards for managing networks and devices. All CiscoWorks products use and depend on Common Services.
Common Services provides a foundation for CiscoWorks applications to share a common model for data storage, login, user role definitions, access privileges, security protocols, as well as navigation.
It creates a standard user experience for all management functions. It also provides the common framework for all basic system-level operations such as installation, data management including backup-restore and import-export, event and message handling, and job and process management.

Common Services provides a set of new features required to give the CiscoWorks applications a common look and feel. The new CiscoWorks Homepage replaces the existing desktop.
Common Services enables sharing of critical information among the various products, and provides a new framework for delivering timely support of new devices. In addition, it supports new platforms, and provides enhanced security mechanisms.
New Features
The new features and enhancements part of this release:
• command line script enables registration of individual applications with ACS without affecting the registration status of other applications.
•Conflict resolution option in dcrcli overwrites Device and Credential Repository (DCR) data from import source.
•Software Center CLI allows you to display the list of dependent packages for a specified package.
•Support for Java Plug-in version 1.4.2_08.
•Enhancements in Device and Credential Repository (DCR):
–Support for HTTP related credentials and attributes
–Support for CNS Configuration Engine and CNS Managed devices
See the application documentation for details on the application version that supports these features.
•Enhancements in Software Center:
–Prompt for credentials while selecting, scheduling, and downloading software and device updates
–Prompt for Proxy credentials while selecting, scheduling, and downloading software and device updates if you have configured Proxy settings
•Support for Cisco Secure ACS 4.0(1) Appliance and Cisco Secure ACS 4.0(1) for Windows Server.
•Enhancements in Audit Log.
Audit Log provides information on:
–CiscoWorks Local user addition
–CiscoWorks Local user modification
–CiscoWorks Local user deletion
–CiscoWorks login failures.
•Support for MDF 1.6.
Meta Data Framework (MDF) Package defines device types in a uniform way across CiscoWorks applications. MDF Package allows you to add new device types to the existing set of device types defined in CiscoWorks Common Services 3.0.
The MDF package 1.6 is a cumulative package that includes the new device types added after the release of CiscoWorks Common Services 3.0 as well as those defined in Common Services 3.0 and till MDF package Version 1.5. This package contains new device types, new device type definitions, new device icons, and solutions to some problems in earlier MDF packages.
The MDF package 1.6 contains the following new device types:
–Cisco CSS 11503 Content Services Switch(
–Cisco CSS 11506 Content Services Switch(
–Cisco 1803 Integrated Services Router(
–Cisco 7604 Router(
–Cisco 851 Integrated Services Router(
–Cisco 871 Integrated Services Router(
–Cisco 876 Integrated Services Router(
–Cisco 878 Integrated Services Router(
–Cisco ME 2400-24TS-A Switch(
–Cisco ME 3400-24TS-A Switch(
–Cisco IDS 4220 Sensor(
–Cisco IDS 4230 Sensor(
CiscoView is a graphical SNMP-based device management tool that provides real-time views of networked Cisco Systems devices. These views deliver a continuously updated physical/logical picture of device configuration and performance conditions, with simultaneous views available for multiple device sessions.
Use CiscoView to:
•View a graphical representation of the device, including component (interface, card, power supply, LED) status.
•Configure parameters for devices, cards, and interfaces.
•Monitor real-time statistics for interfaces, resource utilization, and device performance.
•Set user preferences.
•Perform device-specific operations as defined in each device package.
•Manage groups of stackable devices.

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