AdventNet ManageEngine VQManager v6.1
Win App | 37mb | Rs,Hf

ManageEngine® VQManager is a web-based, 24x7 real-time QoS monitoring tool for VoIP networks. It monitors any VoIP equipment that supports SIP, H.323, Cisco SCCP (Skinny) and RTP/RTCP. VQManager aids in troubleshooting VoIP calls for failures and quality deterioration. For thresholds crossed, alarms are generated by the system to notify administrators who can then drill-down on the alarms to isolate problem cause. Over 25 comprehensive built-in reports and user-configurable reports allow for a complete analysis & optimization of your VoIP infrastructure.

Many organizations that have gone in for quick VoIP deployments are taken aback with the voice quality experience as compared to their traditional voice communication services. With VQManager, VoIP quality issues or failures are easily diagnosed and corrective measures taken swiftly. Also, a constant watch on the VoIP QoS metrics and traffic patterns over time enables optimal capacity planning thus preventing any chances of VoIP call quality degradation.


Live VoIP QoS Monitoring with MOS scores, Alarms & Notifications, Call QoS detail views with Call flow information, Endpoint specific QoS summaries, Comprehensive history reporting.

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