Send As Permissions for a Mail-Enabled Security Group

by Chris Crandall

In this post I cover the steps on how to enable Send As permissions for a security group that is mail-enabled. Since you want to limit the amount of security groups your users are members of, we will walk through the steps of allowing the members of a mail enabled security group to have Send As permissions forthe group.
Note: You need to make the group a security group to allow members send as permission using the steps below but, in most cases mail-enabled groups should be distribution groups and not security groups. The reason I make this statement is because the more security groups users are members of, the larger their token size. I have seen large companies take down Exchange and many, many other applications because they let their token size grow out of control. With that said there are times when you need to use a security group and for that reason I have included the steps below.
Note: I used the Exchange 2007 VHD file has my lab that can be downloaded from
1. I created a new security group called z-IT and made the group a Universal Security group

2. Mail enabled the group through EMC
3. Add members to the group

4. Open Active Directory Users and Computers and enable Advance Features from the View menu.
5. Bring up the Properties of the mail-enabled security group you want to add Send As permission to.
6. Click on the Security tab and add the mail-enabled security group. In this case, I will be adding z-IT and providing Send As permissions

7. Now the waiting game starts, you can determine when the permissions will be added to the user accounts by navigating back to the Security tab in the mail-enabled security groups and click Advance > Effective Permissions > and typing in a name of a member of the security group.

8. When you see the permission of Send As added to the account you should be good to go. So open Outlook as a user account that has Send As permissions
9. In Outlook type the name of the mail-enabled security group you want to Send As in the To field

10. Now the last step - let’s make sure the message got to Tom and we’ll take a look at the message headers.

That should do it. If you have any questions please let me know.
Happy Exchanging

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